Comprehensive Services

Genoptix provides oncologists and pathologists with clearly delineated, actionable results

Truly Comprehensive

If you are struggling with an unfamiliar or complex hematology case, Genoptix comprehensive services can provide insight. Our suite of start-to-finish diagnostic tests is comprehensive in the truest sense: you send us a sample; we run the tests; we create a report of findings, including relevant clinical information and interpretation; and we provide a definitive diagnosis. COMPASS® takes the guesswork out of oncological bone marrow and blood workups. CHART® maps a complete picture of a patient’s disease progression over time.

Robust Services

In addition to our comprehensive testing for hematologic malignancies, we offer a wide range of solid tumor testing. The Genoptix solid tumor cancer testing services (breast, colorectal, melanoma, and lung) leverage diverse technologies to determine the best course of treatment for patients. Genoptix tests are powerful tools that assist in the diagnosis and management of your patients.