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COMPASS is Genoptix’s proprietary diagnostic approach for hematologic cancers. COMPASS provides a comprehensive assessment and clinically actionable results by assigning an expert hematopathologist to manage the diagnostic workflow. Biomarker test results from diverse technologies are synthesized into a single streamlined diagnosis for oncologists.


CHART is our industry-leading serial reporting service that maps your members’ disease progression and assessment of residual disease over time, enabling physicians to accurately assess response to therapy. By providing clear and confident answers from the start, COMPASS and CHART save time and money while improving outcomes.


Our molecular profiles for myeloid diseases (MMP), myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), and acute myeloid leukemia (AML) provide improved risk stratification and understanding of underlying disease mechanism, so oncologists can tailor effective treatment plans for your members. As a Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) center of excellence, our precise molecular profiles help patients receive the most appropriate targeted therapy and the best possible care.



Accurate Diagnoses Save Costs

Source: Engel-Nitz NM, et al. Hematologic Cancers: Diagnostic Testing Patterns and the Role of Specialty Laboratories in the Age of Personalized Medicine. Value in Health, 2012;15(7):A345


Getting it right the first time delivers value while improving outcomes. By providing accurate diagnoses early, Genoptix benefits patients over the course of their episode of care. Fewer misdiagnoses translate into less cost from repeated tests and inappropriate treatment.4 Genoptix provides effective cost containment without sacrificing turnaround time or quality of care.

Results from a regional retrospective study show economic benefits associated with the COMPASS hematopathologist-directed, centralized diagnostic workflow. Genoptix patients demonstrated improved transfusion independence and fewer office visits, lab tests, diagnoses, and transfusions, saving considerable time and resources.4

The 1-year per-patient-per-month (PPPM) costs adjusted for differences in patient characteristics were $8,202 Genoptix (GX), $7,711 Large Lab (LL), and $10,302 Community Lab (OL) p<0.05). Adjusted costs PPPM excluding the initial 30-day testing period were $6,019 GX, $6,649 LL, and $7,801 OL (p<0.05).


Contact us for a demonstration of our budget impact model (BIM), resulting in a savings estimate. By simply inputting the number of lives in your plan and your incidence rates, we can walk you through a comprehensive cost analysis to see how much you can save with Genoptix.


Specialized Oncology Diagnostics and Informatics Solutions Provider

Genoptix empowers healthcare providers to deliver accurate diagnoses, effective treatments, and quality care to patients. By delivering simplified and reliable results through our unique methodologies and one-to-one relationships, Genoptix helps promote a higher standard of healthcare. Also, ask us about our reporting and interfacing capabilities.



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