Genoptix offers valuable diagnostic assistance, exactly when and how you need it


Genoptix uses cutting-edge technology, and our experts are available for consultation when you need it
Technologically Advanced

At Genoptix, we offer a full suite of the most advanced cancer diagnostics available. From Next-Generation Sequencing to flow cytometry to cytogenetics, our services help you better understand your cases and provide clear answers for clients and patients.

Expert Consulting

Genoptix offers second opinion consultation on previously diagnosed cases. You can run your evaluation by one of our specialists, who can review laboratory findings and correlate with provided clinical data for a definite and actionable answer.


Genoptix offers convenient tools that save you time
Reporting Integration

Access your reports when you need to with our secure, web-based interface, Genoptix Online (GO). Our proprietary web portal allows you to review and download patient results anytime, anywhere. With GO, you can receive alerts and reports by email, print reports in bulk, access all archived reports, and manage how we serve you. Genoptix results interface with Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), making reporting smooth and easy.



Genoptix provides online tools for easily managing bills for our testing services. Through, you can view real-time billing information and make online payments.    

TC Services

Technical services paired with expert consulting when you need it
What We Offer

As a pathologist, you can pick and choose from our full menu of technical services. We offer a comprehensive menu of immunohistochemical stains, FISH probes, and flow cytometry profiles—all available using flexible ordering tools.

How It Works

Genoptix provides the technical component of the testing you want; then you analyze and interpret the results. If you have a difficult case and need some help, simply convert the case to global, and one of our expert hematopathologists will perform the interpretation for you.

Report Builder

Genoptix makes it easy for you to review, analyze, and report from any location using an intuitive and responsive user interface—Report Builder.



When you need it, Genoptix offers flexible global services for pathologists
For Complex Cases

When technical services do not provide enough insight into a particularly complex case, consider ordering global services from Genoptix. Our full-service diagnostic tests pair results with expert interpretation to create a clear plan of action for your clients—and, you can mix and match your global and tech-only tests.

Complementary Support

At Genoptix, our global services provide added support for pathologists during high-volume periods. When you are experiencing a heavy workflow of hematopathology cases, count on Genoptix to help you make diagnoses, manage your cases, and get results.


Assistance, clinical oversight, and personalized service
Personalized Service

Genoptix is dedicated to delivering a personalized and consistent client experience. When you work with Genoptix, you will be assigned to a team of staff hematopathologists who will work on your cases. This team will manage your cases, interpret your results, create a comprehensive report, and learn your preferences. Before the report reaches you, a specially trained clinical service coordinator will thoroughly review the report as an important quality control step.

Client Services

At Genoptix, we appreciate that every case that passes through our lab represents both a physician and a patient waiting for answers. We make every call to the Genoptix lab a priority and never use automated answer trees. Our Client Services staff is highly trained, knowledgeable, and prepared to brief you on the status of your patient’s test.


Maybe you are presenting during your next tumor board and want to discuss your cases with another specialist. Or perhaps you are putting together a slideshow for an upcoming presentation to your colleagues and need slide images for your presentation. Contact us to discover how Genoptix can help with our expert consultation and resources.


We are proficient in a range of diagnostic technologies
Core Competencies

Genoptix is well versed and practiced in a full menu of relevant diagnostic technologies. We offer flow cytometry, chromosome analysis, FISH testing, molecular testing, Next-Generation Sequencing, morphology consultation, COMPASS®, CHART®, immunohistochemistry, and AQUA® Technology.


Genoptix offers a full menu of advanced, comprehensive and proprietary tests that combine the above competencies to create clinically relevant profiles for diagnosis and prognosis of leukemia, lymphoma, MDS, myeloma, breast cancer, melanoma, lung cancer, and colorectal cancer. With proprietary technologies like Automated Quantitative Analysis (AQUA Technology) and our clinical trials research center, we are bringing the technologies of tomorrow to you today.

On-demand Educational Webinars

Genoptix provides education on a variety of oncology topics

Oncology is a rapidly transforming field—and keeping up with technological advances, while staying on top of your caseload can be challenging.

Our P.A.C.E. accredited Continuing Education webinars provide CE units for licensed laboratory personnel. Plus, you and your staff can take them anytime, anywhere.

Speakers with expertise in laboratory technologies and oncology diagnostics present on varied and relevant oncology topics. Examples include diagnosing hematologic malignancies, new developments in molecular testing, plus predictive and prognostic assays for solid tumors.


On-Demand Web Seminars


To view an On-demand Educational Webinar, click the link below.

If you viewed an on-demand web seminar and would like a certificate and one hour of CE credit, please fill out this Sign-In Sheet and email it to [email protected], or fax it to 760.516.6068.