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As innovators in cancer diagnostics, we are specialized and experienced

At Genoptix, we are focused on oncology diagnostics. With one of the largest hematopathology centers in the U.S., we manage thousands of oncology cases every year.


Genoptix has been operating for over twelve years with a focus on oncology diagnostics and research.


As a research partner to many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, Genoptix continues to innovate by developing clinically actionable assays.


Genoptix offers seamless reporting systems and interfacing solutions that save you time
Genoptix Online (GO)

Access your reports when you need to with our secure, web-based interface, Genoptix Online (GO). Our proprietary web portal allows you to review and download patient results anytime, anywhere. With GO, you can receive alerts and reports by email, print reports in bulk, access all archived reports, and manage how we serve you. GO is a secure website that meets HIPAA compliance requirements.


Alternate Report Delivery

Genoptix offers alternate delivery systems for reports in place of, or in addition to, GO. We can FedEx your reports, send them via ground mail, or fax them to your office. We will even bring a dedicated printer to your healthcare office and auto-print your reports once they are ready for review. Be sure to ask us about our interfacing capabilities as well.

We also offer tailored solutions to accommodate your unique workflow, including autoprinting solutions and EMR interfacing that enables you and your staff to focus on patient care and not paperwork.

Global Services

For oncologists, Genoptix offers full-service, start to finish diagnostic services, from running the tests to providing a diagnosis
Determining the Right Treatment

Over a half a million people in the U.S. die from cancer each year.1 Determining the proper course of treatment as quickly as possible can improve your patients’ outcomes. Conversely, incomplete or inaccurate diagnoses can waste time, subject patients to therapies with harmful side effects, and lower overall quality of care.

Comprehensive Global Services

If you need a first or second opinion on a challenging case, Genoptix can help. Simply request a sample pickup from us, select your tests (comprehensive or a la carte), and we will do the rest. We deliver expert consultation and an actionable diagnosis for your patients.


Assistance, clinical oversight, and personalized service
Personalized Service

Genoptix is dedicated to delivering a personalized and consistent client experience. When you work with Genoptix, you will be assigned to a team of staff hematopathologists who will work on your cases. This team will manage your cases, interpret your results, create a comprehensive report, and learn your preferences. Before the report reaches you, a specially trained clinical service coordinator will thoroughly review the report as an important quality control step.

Client Services

At Genoptix, we appreciate that every case that passes through our lab represents both a physician and a patient waiting for answers. We make every call to the Genoptix lab a priority and never use automated answer trees. Our Client Services staff is highly trained, knowledgeable, and prepared to brief you on the status of your patient’s test.


Maybe you are presenting during your next tumor board and want to discuss your cases with another specialist. Or perhaps you are putting together a slideshow for an upcoming presentation to your colleagues and need slide images for your presentation. Contact us to discover how Genoptix can help with our expert consultation and resources.


Our sophisticated systems, support, and services

In over twelve years as a commercial laboratory, we have developed sophisticated logistics systems in partnership with FedEx to track your sample from the moment you call us to the moment your sample arrives at our facility. You can access and submit a requisition form using Genoptix Online (GO) and request a sample pickup or make a general inquiry using our 800 numbers.

Billing Support

At Genoptix, we offer billing support for all tests we perform. If you or your patients have questions about how our services are billed, please contact the billing department at 800-755-0802. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Client Services

If you have questions about specific tests, the status of your case, or our diagnostic services, feel free to contact us at 800-755-1605. You will never be routed offsite, and someone will answer within seconds to assist you.



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