Healthcare Provider


Genoptix collaborates with healthcare providers on complex oncology cases to provide definitive diagnoses to help improve patient outcomes.

For oncologists, Genoptix is your full-service diagnostic lab provider. Whether you are ordering individual tests or COMPASS®, our team of expert hematopathologists interpret and consolidate data into a final result, so that you have the information you need to help manage your patients. Our hematopathologists are readily accessible and available for consultation and support when you need it. You can rely on us to support your report delivery needs, printed or electronic, in a variety of ways.

For pathologists, Genoptix is your laboratory resource. Pathologists can count on Genoptix to provide access to sophisticated testing, as well as expert consultation when needed. You can also count on us to support your report building and interfacing needs.

Genoptix provides specialized testing and definitive results in a flexible manner so that you can better serve your patients and your community.