Genoptix® is a part of the Novartis Pharmaceuticals Division. We are focused on developing and commercializing evidence-driven diagnostic tests to improve physicians' ability to optimize patient outcomes.

Our Vision

As part of Novartis, our vision is to become the leading provider of diagnostic testing and services, helping to redefine the shape of personalized medicine. Through our integrated approach to case management, we ensure that each patient receives the individualized attention that she or he deserves. Our unrelenting attention to patient care is rivaled only by our deep commitment to serving the complex needs of clinicians and providing demonstrable value to the healthcare community.

Our Strategy

Our strategy focuses on addressing areas of unmet medical need, regardless of market size, coupled with a clear understanding of the genetic underpinnings of disease, to create evidence-driven diagnostics.

While we remain committed to partnering with the oncology community of hematologists, oncologists and pathologists, we will leverage Novartis’ demonstrated strengths in pharmaceutical research, development and commercialization to enhance and build upon our suite of diagnostic tools to advance individualized treatment programs where there are opportunities to improve patient care.

Our People

We are committed to investing in talent and to strengthening a culture that is entrepreneurial, open and collaborative. Our diverse workforce has a broad range of functional and technical expertise, led by a seasoned management team with backgrounds in diagnostics across clinical development, pharmaceutical strategy, regulatory affairs, intellectual property and commercialization. As a Novartis company, we are building a leadership position in the market that reflects our commitment to innovation and to improving the lives of patients around the world.